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Get ready for a program that helps you lose weight, improve your health, reduce medications for conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, improve self-confidence and more! Losing weight is a significant challenge for many of us – fad diets and exercise programs often fail to help you lose enough weight or keep it off.

LiveHealthy Inspire Weight Loss is a comprehensive weight-loss program in Mentor for people looking to safely lose 25 to 125 pounds or more over a 12-24 week program. Our medically based program was developed by physicians and health experts to give participants trusted support in reaching their weight loss goals. This program is safe for people with diabetes, heart patients, older adults and more.

Participants in the LiveHealthy Inspire Weight Loss Program lose an average of 25 pounds over a three-month period!

Our program features: 

  • Weekly classes led by health professionals to help you gain the tools needed for lasting success.

  • A structured meal plan for safe, steady weight loss. Continue to enjoy your favorite foods!

  • A supportive, small group environment.

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching.
  • Virtual and in-person support options. 

Typical Results

  • Average weight loss is  between 2 - 5 pounds per week, depending upon individual circumstances and starting weight. 
  • Structured meal plan helps keep participants' hunger under control.
  • A foundation for long-term success. Participants develop practical skills and healthy habits to support healthy weight management. 
  • Many participants experience significant health improvements, including lowering high blood pressure, better control of diabetes, less dependence on medications and improved mobility. 

Connect with us to find out if this program might be right for you!

Have questions?

Connect with us at 440-701-7537  or email weightloss@UHhospitals.org to  learn more! New groups are forming each week.