Explore FAQs About the Reopening of LiveHealthy

We are thrilled as we continue our gradual reopening of the LiveHealthy fitness center over the coming weeks and months! Here are answers to common questions about our phases of reopening: 


Is the LiveHealthy fitness center open?

Our first phase of reopening began June 1, 2020. With the health and safety of our communities at the heart of everything we do, Lake Health is following local, state and federal guidelines as we reopen LiveHealthy in phases. 


What are the hours of operation?

Hours of operation are Monday – Friday 5:30 am to 9 pm, and Saturday and Sunday 7:30 am to 5 pm. 

Are Lap Pool, Recreation Pool and Whirlpool open?

These pools are open for use during all hours of operation with limited capacity due to physical distancing requirements: Lap Pool – limit of 2 per lane with resting at opposite sides of the pool and both swimmers in agreement of sharing. Exercisers need to remain 6 feet apart; Recreation pool – 10 people maximum; Whirlpool – 4 people maximum.  The pools close 15 minutes prior to the facility closing. 


Is the Therapy Pool available to LiveHealthy members? 

Therapy Pool usage hours for LiveHealthy members are: Monday – Thursday 5:30 am – 7:30 am and 7:15 pm – 8:45 pm – 15 minutes prior to facility closing; Friday 5:30 am – 7:30 am and 4:30 pm – 8:45 pm – 15 minutes prior to facility closing; Saturday 12:00 pm – 4:45 pm and Sunday 7:30 am – 4:45 pm – 15 minutes prior to facility closing.  The capacity of the Therapy Pool area is limited to 10 adults.  Children age 17 and under must use the Lap and Recreation pools. 


How many members are allowed in the center at the same time?

The number of members in LiveHealthy may be limited at any given time. Maximum capacities are posted in each area of the center and staff are available to monitor and assist. 


What amenities are not available at this time?

  • Towel service is suspended; please bring a shower and workout towel from home. 
  • Sauna rooms and pick-up basketball games are unavailable until further notice. 

Are Group Exercise classes offered?

Group Exercise classes are available with these changes to keep members safe: 

Wearing a cloth face mask is required prior to class in the locker rooms, on the pool deck, gym and 2nd floor studios and may only be removed when class begins.  You are encouraged but not required to wear a mask during class.  Towel service is suspended; please bring your own sweat towel to use during class.

Most classes will be 40 to 45 minutes in length to allow for sanitizing the space and equipment after each class.

Members must bring their own yoga mat for YogaRx and ™ classes.  No mats of any type will be available in Studio 1 for these classes.

Maximum class participation capacities will be enforced for all classes.  For all classes held in Studios 1 and 2 and in the Pool, participants must request a Class Ticket from the front desk staff at check-in no earlier than 60 minutes before the start of a class.  Only one ticket per person.  Present your ticket to the instructor prior to the start of the class.  You will not be able to participate without a ticket.   

  • Gym (PumpRx, Body Weight Intervals and Zumba® Fitness) – Maximum capacity is 24 people. Class Ticket is required for entry to Body Weight Intervals and Zumba®.
  • Studio 1 (YogaRx and Zumba®) – Maximum capacity is 9 people. Class Ticket is required.
  • Studio 2 (Cycle) – Maximum capacity is 9 people. Class Ticket is required.
  • Recreation Pool (AquaZumba®, Water in Motion® and Total Body Intervals Aqua) – Maximum capacity is 10 people in the Recreation Pool with overflow into Lane 1 of the Lap Pool for an additional 5 people. Class Ticket is required. Overflow tickets will be offered at front desk check in once maximum capacity is met.
  • Healing Waters in the Therapy Pool – Maximum capacity is 10 people in the Tu/Th 5:30 pm and Saturday 9:30 am classes and only 9 people in the Mon/Wed 10:05 am class. Class Ticket is required.
  • Healing Waters in the Recreation Pool Monday and Wednesday at 10:15 am – Maximum capacity is 10 people in the Recreation Pool. Class Ticket is required. There is no overflow into Lane 1 of the Lap Pool for this class.

Fitness-on-Demand virtual class system is available in Studio 1 seven days a week.  Maximum capacity is 5 people at one time. Please check in with the Fitness Staff for assistance in accessing the studio and the system. 

Are Locker Rooms open to change my clothes, shower or store my belongings?

Showers and full-length lockers are available in the Locker Rooms with these changes to keep members safe: 

Cloth face masks are required while in the Locker Rooms and may only be removed when inside a shower stall with curtain closed. Steam rooms are now open; sauna rooms remain closed.  Towel service is suspended; please bring your own shower towel.

  • Locker rooms can be used to change clothes in the open bench areas.  However, Members are encouraged to arrive at LiveHealthy dressed for a workout. 
  • Showers are available and are sanitized on a regular schedule throughout the day. When possible, please plan to clean up at home.
  • Full-length lockers are available in limited quantity due to physical distancing requirements.
  • Members not needing to change clothes are encouraged to lock up personal items in Day Lockers available in the gym and 2nd floor mezzanine.
  • If you are going to the pool, you may store your shoes and clothing in a locker; bags may be brought into the pool area and placed on the bleachers or window sills while you swim.  
  • Restrooms are open. 


Where do I change into my swimsuit

We encourage members to arrive at LiveHealthy dressed to swim; be sure to wear a cover-up!  The restrooms and the open bench areas in the locker rooms can be used to change if it is impossible to wear swim suit into the center.  Full-length lockers in the Locker Rooms are available to store belongings. Bring a bag to store your shoes and clothing.  Bags may be brought into the pool area and placed on the bleachers or window sills while you swim.  


 Am I able to shower?

Showers are available. Towel service is suspended, so please bring a towel from home.  


Is KidHealthy open?

KidHealthy has reopened for members. Learn more here


When are Dependent Hours?

Dependent hours (the hours that children 17 and under may use LiveHealthy) have extended. They are Monday – Thursday 9 am – 12 pm, 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm, 7 pm – close; Friday 9 am – close; Saturday and Sunday 9 am – close. All Dependents age 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult member 18 years old or older.


Do I need to wear a face mask while working out?

The Health Department highly recommends the use of face masks while at the center. We require all members wear masks in all non-exercise areas* of the building and encourage members to wear masks while working out, if possible.  All LiveHealthy staff will be wearing face masks.

*With the exception of children 2 years and younger, masks must be worn in non-exercise areas:  main lobby, front desk check-in, locker rooms, Family Changing room, restrooms, pool deck, hallway, 2nd floor mezzanine, elevators and 2nd floor lobby.


What are your physical distancing guidelines while in LiveHealthy?

We ask members to maintain at least 6 feet of space between themselves and others in the center at all times. LiveHealthy has implemented procedures to help ensure these distancing guidelines are respected including visual reminders, area closures and staff to monitor and politely enforce these rules. 


What else are we doing to ensure that LiveHealthy is clean at all times?

LiveHealthy asks that all members disinfect equipment before and after use and is providing extra sanitizing wipes throughout the center.  We will have LiveHealthy staff cleaning and disinfecting all open areas of the center throughout each day and doing a deep clean every night after closing. 


Can I use a guest pass to visit the center?

Guests are now welcome to visit LiveHealthy. Maximum capacity limits will be enforced. For the safety and security of our members, the following policies apply to all guests:

  • All guests must be accompanied by an adult member (18 years or older).
  • Guests 16 years and older must provide a photo ID upon each visit.
  • Guests under the age of 18 may only use the facility during dependent hours.
  • Guests must register and complete a guest waiver and Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire at the front desk before entering center.
  • Depending on the results of the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, guests may be asked to sign an Assumption of Risk waiver.
  • Guests must pay a guest fee or submit a valid Guest Pass.
  • Guests may not use LiveHealthy more than 10 times per calendar year.
  • Expelled or suspended members may not come as a guest.
  • Guests agree to follow all LiveHealthy Rules and Regulations.
  • All guests are required to bring with them and wear a mask in all non-exercising areas of LiveHealthy.


When will my membership resume and my monthly dues be billed?

LiveHealthy unfroze all memberships and resumed billing on June 1, 2020. The account credit that was applied to your membership for the 2nd half of March 2020 was credited to your dues upon the date of reopening.


I have further questions. Who can I ask for help?

Our team is ready to answer your questions and welcome you back to LiveHealthy! Simply send us a message at livehealthy@lakehealth.org for assistance. 

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